You are unlike anyone else. That’s why we utilize a holistic process to ensure we are understanding and acting on what is most important to you. We believe our role as your trusted financial advisor is to help you increase your financial well-being as well as your life satisfaction. We help you define and design your own “rich life.” If you are interested in our integrated financial planning and investment management services, continue to read below to learn more about the journey you can expect to embark upon with Enlightened Wealth Management...

Schedule a Consultation


ENVISION… (60-90 minute meeting)

  • You talk. We listen. You tell us where you are now, what you need, what you fear and what you want.
  • You have an opportunity to ask us questions and learn everything you want to know about Enlightened Wealth Management.
  • We review our financial planning process together, and define each of our roles and responsibilities.
  • If after our Envision meeting you feel inspired to continue down the path of Enlightened Wealth Management, you will sign our financial planning agreement and officially become a client.


ENRICH… (60-90 minute meeting)

  • We create and organize your personalized Enlightened Wealth Management dashboard to bring your current financial life into focus.
  • We take the time to teach you the core values of effective planning and investing, which will serve as your financial foundation.
  • We believe that the better you understand your financial plan and investment portfolio, the more likely you are to stick to your plan when it matters most.


EMPOWER… (60-90 minute meeting)

  • We deliver and review a financial plan that will serve as the roadmap to get you from where you are today to where to want be in the future. Your plan will include investment recommendations as well as guidance on insurance, estate planning, education savings and more.
  • We open your investment accounts and initiate the transfer of funds into your new Enlightened Wealth Management portfolio.
  • We establish and prioritize a list of manageable action steps to continue organizing and moving your financial life in the right direction.


EVOLVE (ongoing)

  • Once your plan is in place, our work together is not done but rather it’s just beginning. Life changes, and so do you. We meet with you periodically to make sure your plan follows suit.
  • We meet with you twice per year to ensure that your plan stays on track with your life as you evolve.
  • We serve as an accountability partner to help ensure you stay on track.